Messier Applications will be launched on a growing number of networks where they will collect service fees to fund Messier's Virgo DAO's treasury.
Our main goal is to create decentralized applications that will provide both consumers and businesses with tools designed to make cryptocurrency transactions more confidential, secure, and viable than conventional currencies. The dapps that Messier creates, are aimed at the general public, but their specific use cases may vary. Generally, the main entities that will want to use our dapps are individuals or organizations looking to utilize decentralized applications for a variety of purposes within the field of financial transactions. The specific use cases for dapps will depend on the nature of the application itself. For instance, Open Hatch might be used for peer-to-peer transactions, fundraising, or trading and services. while in the future The Explorer Platform within Open Hatch would emerge as a social media dapp that may be used for connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing content, and creating online communities. There's also Horizon, which is a compliant privacy-focused Dapp. In simple terms, it lets users make anonymous transactions. The main entities that might want to use Horizon are individuals or organizations that value privacy and want to keep their transactions confidential. Traders who value their privacy and want to keep their trading activities private might find Horizon useful. Activists and politicians who care about their financial privacy might also fall into this category.
it's possible that some protocols may use our dapps to enhance their existing capabilities or provide additional features to their users. In the case of a blockchain protocol, Open Hatch could be used as a decentralized means of buying and selling goods or services, while Horizon would also be useful for other protocols. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs), for instance, might use Horizon to protect their users' transactions while trading cryptocurrencies. Decentralized finance protocols, on the other hand, may use Horizon to protect their users.
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