Adastra makes it easy for everyone to participate in decentralized finance and crypto applications, even if you're not a blockchain expert. No more downloading multiple apps or dealing with complicated processes. With Adastra, you can send crypto from one place to another seamlessly.

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Adastra offers three powerful applications to enhance your crypto experience:

  1. Portfolio: Get a comprehensive overview of your holdings, their current value, and real-time market details. Stay updated with asset prices and track your investments effortlessly.

  2. Wallet: Easily manage your crypto assets within the Adastra wallet. Discover your unique address, send crypto to friends, and even stake popular assets to earn rewards and interest on your holdings. Take full control of your assets and private keys.

  3. Exchange: With Adastra's integrated Exchange app, you can instantly and seamlessly exchange one asset for another. Enjoy the convenience of direct exchanges from your wallet, without the need for account sign-ups. Stay in control of your assets while accessing a wide range of trading options.

By combining these three applications, Adastra provides a comprehensive and user-friendly ecosystem for managing, tracking, and exchanging your crypto assets.

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