Decentralized Anonymous Payment Systems
Our team has carefully considered all available information regarding the US sanctions that were imposed on Tornado Cash and the negative impact it had & continues to have on their developers, application users, token holders, and investors. We’ve also considered the fact that scammers were using Torn for purposes unintended in its creation to render stolen funds untraceable. Criminals were able to steal from their victims with impunity, leaving law enforcement ineffective in their efforts to track down stolen funds so as to enforce justice.
In order for crypto to become a more viable & preferable alternative to fiat currencies, we must create tools that allow the general public to transact more safely & effectively than traditional monetary systems allow for. As developers, it is imperative that we take any necessary precautions that help reduce the risks of technology we create from falling into the hands of nefarious third parties who misuse the technology for illegal purposes. After witnessing the events that unfolded in regard to Tornado Cash, Messier officially decided to replace the existing Black Hole & Horizon applications and to rerelease Horizon with entirely new code that is more intelligently designed than its predecessor:
  • Horizon will incorporate address screening, disallowing crypto addresses involved in illicit or high-risk activities from being able to connect to the application. This preventative measure will heavily prevent bad actors from using the application.
  • In case some bad actors slip through the cracks, we will also store records in a highly encrypted storage system using IPFS and a multisig. This will keep the private information of Horizon’s users completely safe & secure from prying eyes (including ours), while also giving us the option to act as a multisig in the event that we’re provided a subpoena or warrant to allow law enforcement to view a particular transaction’s record, so as to better safeguard the general public.
  • Horizon will operate faster and will offer more token support than its predecessor. At launch, the Ethereum version will have token support for ETH, USDC, M87, SHIB and HEX. Over time we will integrate token support for most major token types.
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