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Usernames, Handles, Profile Pictures, Statistics, and KYC
When a user first launches Open Hatch, they will be asked to connect a wallet to the application to create a username and subsequently receive a randomly generated handle that will act as an identifier.
There are three types of handles available for use in Open Hatch, which are Gratis, Standard, and Premium:
  • Gratis handles will be freely assigned during the creation process, which will consist of a randomly generated name and end in a randomly generated 4-digit number.
  • Standard handles will cost $10.00 USDT and will consist of a custom name and end in a randomly generated 4-digit number.
  • Premium handles will cost $100.00 USDT and will allow the user to select a unique name (if unclaimed). All Premium handles can be resold to other users for a minimum of $100.00 USDT and can run as high as another user is willing to pay for it. All resales of Premium handles are subject to a 10% non-refundable fee, collected by Open Hatch and split 50/50 between the validator pools and Virgo.
Profile Pictures
Users will be able to select one of Open Hatch's avatars to use as a profile picture or can upload personal photos for a fee. The fee is used to pay validators, who will verify the content of the images to make sure they do not contain any illegal or offensive content.
The cost of uploading personal images is:
  • $10.00 USDT or 1 image
  • $25.00 USDT for 3 images
  • $50.00 USDT for 10 images
The profile of a user will contain general information & statistics about the user’s transaction history (none of which is able to be edited by the user), such as:
  • The number of transactions the user has performed
  • The total ingoing and outgoing volume of transactions of the user
  • The number of transactions that have been disputed by the user
  • The number of transactions that have been disputed by other users
  • The number of disputes that have been arbitrated in the favor of the user
These statistics will be used to generate a reputation score, which will also be displayed directly on the profile. A positive score does not necessarily determine that a user is trustworthy, but a negative store could be used to help determine if they are not.
KYC Verification Badge
A user who frequently transacts or is involved in large transactions may wish to further legitimize their account by obtaining a KYC Verification Badge.
To begin the KYC process, the user would be required to provide the following:
  • Non-refundable fee of $1500.00 USDT
  • Name, date of birth, and address
  • Government issued identification, such as a passport, driver's license, or national ID
  • Additional documents proving residence of address, such as a physical bank statement etc.
  • A live call on Zoom
IMPORTANT: You are expected to provide your legitimate legal name, documentations, and information; any failure to provide the above will result in the immediate cancellation of the KYC or KYC process and no refund will be given.
Disclaimer: Although users with a KYC Verification Badge have successfully completed our KYC process by submitting genuine records regarding their identity, Messier does not endorse individuals or take responsibility for any actions performed by individuals using Open Hatch. Always DYOR (do your own research) and proceed with caution.
* Some features may be unavailable at launch and will be added in an upcoming patch
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