Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. What benefit is there to buyers & sellers using Open Hatch?
One of the major benefits to buyers & sellers using Open Hatch is that it eliminates a great deal of risk involved in P2P & B2B transactions involving the use of cryptocurrency.
Since Open Hatch collects the associated payment a buyer preemptive to their receival of goods & services, it eliminates the seller’s risk of the payment being unavailable after the goods & services are delivered to the buyer. Alternatively, since the payment for the goods & services are not released to the seller until the buyer has confirmed the agreed upon goods & services, it eliminates the risk of the payment being permanently lost with nothing to show for it.
  • Q. Is the private data in the chat collected or distributed by Messier?
Messier will never collect or distribute any data from any transaction. Any of the data that is provided by the buyer or seller in the private chat will be encrypted; no one other than the two parties involved will have access to this data unless shared by the parties themselves. When a business transaction has been completed or canceled, the chat history will be permanently wiped and the Hatch will be closed forever.
The only point in time at which private data will be visible to Messier is in the event of a dispute; at this point the private data is forwarded from the chat to the escalation team directly by the buyer or seller. The escalation team curates the provided information by shielding any identifiable information that could lead to bias and submits the curated information to the validators. After the dispute is submitted to the validators, the escalation team permanently destroys the original chat record that was submitted by the buyer or seller.
  • Q. What is the ultimate goal of Open Hatch?
The ultimate goal of Open Hatch is to simplify P2P & B2B transactions by providing additional levels of safety & security that will allow transactions involving cryptocurrency to become a viable alternative to fiat. Open Hatch aims to further the adoption of cryptocurrency and help legitimize its use by providing consumers & businesses with the necessary tools for it to become a viable payment option.
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