Web Gateway Integration

Adastra has developed the Adastra Crypto Payment Gateway, exclusively for online businesses. This solution enables merchants to effortlessly accept cryptocurrency payments. When customers make payments with cryptocurrency, the funds are directly deposited into the merchant's wallet. It's a secure and streamlined process.

In the future, the Adastra Crypto Payment Gateway will also support receiving payments in fiat currency, providing merchants with added flexibility.

The Adastra Crypto Payment Gateway offers the following features:

  • Create payment buttons, accept donations, set up mobile POS checkout, and establish recurring billing and invoicing.

  • Accept payments on your website or app with a seamless checkout experience using ready-to-use plugins and libraries.

  • Share payment links via email, SMS, messenger, chatbot, and more to receive immediate payments.

  • Customize your payment link to ensure customers know it's you they're paying.

  • Start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in-store through POS and terminal integrations.

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