Introducing the Adastra browser extension wallet, designed to seamlessly integrate with leading browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge. This powerful wallet functions as a browser plugin, allowing you to effortlessly connect with numerous Web3 apps and dApps across various networks, including Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and more. Similar to Metamask, the Adastra browser extension provides a secure and convenient gateway to the world of decentralized finance, empowering you to explore and interact with the ever-growing ecosystem of blockchain applications.

Web3 Wallet Features

  • Access DeFi dApps, manage multichain NFT collections, and get the best swap rates in just a few clicks

  • Experience the best of Solana and Ethereum Web3 from the comfort of ONE easy-to-use wallet

  • Manage all of your Solana and Ethereum NFTs in one beautiful gallery

  • Stake your tokens and earn passive income across multiple DeFi chains

  • Enjoy hassle-free crypto swapping without the need for an account setup

  • Explore the best of Web3 directly from your wallet's home screen

  • Bookmark your favorite Web3 apps for easy front-page access

  • Convert cash into crypto using your card, bank account, or Apple Pay for seamless transactions.

Adastra Wallet App will be available for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux

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