Voting and Rewards

The Halo alone is able to vote on proposals and will be given a voting power of one vote per wallet (or NFT) per proposal. There will be an 87,000 M87 minimum staked token requirement to vote on proposals. All reward payouts will be given based on where an individual wallet or NFT's staked position ranks on a linear bonding curve respective to its share of the rewards pool(s) it is in.
When a proposal passes, an immutable smart contract will take the token address listed in the proposal and use it to market buy the token address that was listed in the proposal and will then distributed the newly acquired tokens in the following manner:
  • 87% will be stored in the treasury until the end of a cycle
  • 12.13% will be distributed to all stakers in the regular pool (including NFT holders)
  • 0.87% will be distributed exclusively to NFT holders in an additional pool