Intergalactic Mission

At Messier, our primary focus is to help further public adoption of DeFi by developing a wide range of decentralized applications that provide consumers & businesses with the tools necessary to replace fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies.
Messier will launch these applications on a multitude of networks, where they will collect user fees that will be used to fund the treasuries of the Virgo DAO on Ethereum and the Astraea DAO on Pulsechain. M87 token holders will be able to stake their tokens in the DAOs, which will allow them to partake in governing over treasury funds and receiving passive income rewards that are distributed from it.
At Messier, we are heavily focused on bringing together communities that share an aligned vision of decentralization; we believe that everyone should have the right to privacy, the right to financial security, and the right to freely transact. Every Messier application is designed from the core belief that the preservation of these rights is of utmost importance and that it is our moral obligation to help ensure that these rights are protected.
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