Staking M87

  • Stake M87 tokens and receive its equivalent in MTT (Messier Traveler Token). If you're an NFT owner (early auction or ETH purchase), you'll be auto-staked and have the option to stake more tokens.

  • Track your #MTT & #MOTT balance, see your #Pōwehi/#Halo status, view token allocations from past proposals, check Darklisting qualification, and manage your #M87 token staking/withdrawing all in one place on our staking platform.

  • Earn a Dark Listed badge and qualify for Supernova rewards by Locking up your tokens for 87 proposals or hold M.O NFT.

  • Maximize your rewards! As a staker, withdraw your earnings at your convenience with no time limits. Proposal rewards can also be withdrawn separately based on gas fees at the time or let your proposal rewards accumulate and receive tokens from multiple proposals with just one withdrawal transaction.

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