Halo was chosen as the name to represent the voting class of Virgo, because it is the Halo that envelops the M87 Galaxy in the Virgo constellation. While the Pōwehi has a great responsibility in discerning between which proposals to create and which not to, so does the Halo have an equally great responsibility. It is the Halo that must discern whether the proposals brought forth by the Pōwehi are in the best interest of all of that which is in Virgo. Without the Halo, nothing brought forth by the embellished dark source of ending creation shall see the light of manifestation.
  • The Halo consists of any staker whom is not ranked in the top 87 staked positions
  • The Halo will be responsible for voting on the proposals that are set forth in Virgo by the Pōwehi
  • The Halo will have one vote per staked position (one wallet address or one NFT) per proposal
Last modified 3mo ago