Dark Matter

  • Pōwehi are able to opt out of their position to create proposals by selecting an option in the user interface of Virgo, rendering them as Dark Matter.
  • Virgo has a built-in fail-safe that automatically relinquishes Pōwehi of their positions when they don't act as a multi-sig on proposals for 87 consecutive days. It will render inactive Pōwehi as Dark Matter, then promote the highest ranked staker among the Halo into the lowest position among the Pōwehi. This ensures Virgo can operate in perpetuity, regardless of whether Pōwehi lose access to their wallet or any other circumstance that could result in inactivity.
  • Dark Matter will continue to receive all of their rewards, but will still be unable to vote.
  • Dark Matter can reobtain their position among the Pōwehi by creating a proposal, which will be added to a queue awaiting other multisigs. If the lowest ranked Pōwehi is not active in any proposal, it will automatically redeem the Dark Matter to its rightful position among the Pōwehi, and the lowest ranked Pōwehi will be demoted to its rightful position among the Halo.
Last modified 1mo ago