Q1: Is it possible for someone other than the owner to call certain functions in the contract if they have been authorized to do so?

A: Yes, the contract may have several authorized parties who can call certain functions even if the original owner renounces their ownership. To handle high-cost functions, we use off-chain oracles that are secure and handle such functions outside the contract.

Using oracles in our smart contracts is beneficial for several reasons, including introducing delays or performing checks. For instance, when there is a need to trigger a function in the contract after a certain time interval or a specific event, oracles are used to provide reliable and accurate data to the contract. Additionally, oracles are used to verify and validate external data before it is used in the contract, thereby ensuring that the data is accurate and reliable. This can help prevent errors or security breaches and provides greater transparency and trust in the DAO operations.

Q2: There is still an owner (Owner still has not renounced ownership) • Owner can deploy a new version of the contract which can change any limit and give owner new privileges?

A: Yes, there is still an owner. This is necessary to ensure that the contract runs smoothly and funds are not blocked accidentally. Deploying new versions of the contract is a standard practice in projects to address changes and meet the demands of the market and users. However, any new version of the contract should adhere to predefined limits and privileges to maintain transparency and prevent security risks.

Q3: Can the owner withdraw ETH from the contract's treasury manually?

A: No, the owner cannot manually withdraw ETH from the contract's treasury. Withdrawals only occur through specific functions or conditions that follow predetermined rules and permissions.

Q4: Can the owner withdraw tokens from the contract's treasury that were previously bought?

A: No, the owner cannot withdraw tokens from the contract's treasury. The contract only allows authorized withdrawals or transfers based on predefined rules and permissions to ensure security and transparency.

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