Phase (1)

In Phase 1, the Adastra Crypto card works like a prepaid card. You can load it with cryptocurrency from your Adastra account and use it to make purchases online or at physical stores. It allows you to spend your stored Bitcoins or other supported cryptocurrencies with merchants who accept Adastra payments. It's a simple and secure way to use your crypto for everyday transactions.

How Do I Get Adastra's Crypto Card?

To get Adastra's card:

  1. Download the Adastra app.

  2. Sign up quickly and easily.

  3. Fund your card.

  4. Start using the virtual card instantly.

  5. Optionally, order a physical crypto card to keep in your wallet.

With these simple steps, you'll be ready to enjoy the benefits of Adastra's card and make purchases conveniently.

Where Can I Use Adastra's Crypto Card?

Use Adastra's card to shop online and in-store worldwide at merchants that accept Adastra crypto payments. With the Adastra card, you have the freedom to make purchases wherever you go, both online and offline.

How do I add funds or reload the card?

Adding funds to the Adastra card is easy and can be done through the Adastra mobile app or web application. Simply use the Adastra Wallet or your preferred wallet account to load your card with crypto.

Are Adastra's Cards Safe to Use?

Adastra's Crypto Card prioritizes the security of your assets and transactions. It is equipped with advanced security features such as two-factor authentication, biometric scanning, and mobile codes, ensuring the same level of safety as major credit cards. These measures provide peace of mind and protect your card from unauthorized use.

For additional security and control, cardholders have the ability to instantly freeze or cancel their card through the mobile app. This feature empowers you to take immediate action in case of any security concerns or if your card is misplaced.

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