VirgoDAO's audit by Beosin encompassed four key modules: Tokens, DAO Governance, NFT Marketplace, and Supernova. The Token module includes ERC20 tokens and one ERC721 standard NFT (MessierNFT). Each ERC20 token, such as MOTT, MTT and M87, has distinct characteristics like circulation limits, transaction restrictions, and fee structures.

The DAO contract governs the Virgo system, with governance roles divided into Powehi and Halo categories. Powehi creates proposals requiring signatures from other Powehi addresses, while Halo votes on these proposals. Proposals are categorized as CLASSIC, DOUBLE_DOWN, CASH_OUT, or STRUCTURE, each affecting the system differently.

The NFT Marketplace contract facilitates NFT trading through ordinary and open bidding modes, supporting different tokens and offering automated auction completion based on set criteria.

Lastly, the Supernova contract manages Powehi and Halo addresses and handles pool rewards for MOTT and MTT token holders, updating reward records in tandem with token holder changes. For more information on the audit results, visit:

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