Messier 87 Token (M87)
M87 is the Messier governance token that investors are able to trade in the open market or stake in the upcoming Virgo DAO to earn passive income.
The ticker symbol for Messier 87 is M87 and its contract address is 0x8af5fedc0f263841c18f31d9dbcc97a47e1ab462
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 M87 tokens
Maximum Wallet: 2% Total Supply
Any purchases or sales of the M87 token are subject to a fee of 3%, which will be appropriated in the following manner and for the following purposes:
  • 33.33% of the fees (1%) is being used to add liquidity to the locked M87/WETH pool
  • 66.67% of the fees (2%) is being used to fund all expenses related to team building, marketing, listings and the development of products & services
Any transfership of tokens from one wallet to another will not be subject to any fees (0%).
Last modified 11d ago
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