Mission Three

M3: Black Hole Mainnet Launch - Launch the Black Hole application mainnet on Ethereum
M3: Black Hole Relayer Integration - Implement relayer functionality for additional privacy
M3: Black Hole Anonymity Mining - Implement anonymity mining for the Ethereum network
M3: Black Hole Audit - Release an audit for the Black Hole
M3: Black Hole Chain Integration - Launch the Black Hole application onto a multitude of new networks
M3: Black Hole Additional Token Support - Add more tokens to the supported token list of the Black Hole M3: Open Hatch - Release a full documentation for the dApp M3: Horizon - Launch Messier's second installment in privacy transaction protocols using Gnosis Chain (former xDAI Chain) as a Layer-2
M3: Horizon - Release a "how to use" guide for Horizon